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NameRico Zschemisch
Member Since2012
iRacer Since2014
Favorite TrackSebring, Laguna Seca, Suzuka
Favorite CarRuf RT12R Track

Rico Zschemisch

Hi Guys, my name is Rico Zschemisch, I was born on 9th of December in 1982.

With 10 years I started to be a karting driver. After over 10 years of successful racing and traveling around Europe and the United States of America, plus 1 year driving in the Formula Renault German Championship, I unfortunately had to quit this part of my life.

Then I found a new passion, called “SIM Racing” “E-sport” and the PRT gang.

I figured out that they are the fastest guys in Germany, so i decided to become a part of that gang, and I have to say it was the right decision.

I try to help as much as I can with my trained experiences in racing-rules and to get your car to the finish line which is the thing you have to get first, to get first!

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