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NamePeter Koch
Member Since2016
iRacer Since2013
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Peter Koch

Hello, my name is Peter Koch and I am from Austria. I grew up in Murau in Styria and at the moment I am living in Graz. There I’m studying Automotive Engineering at the UAS joanneum (University of Applied Science).

Simracing is on the top of my hobby list and in combination with my studies I can profit from both sides. Recently I have joined the suspension group in the Formula Student Team at the UAS joanneum (joanneum racing graz) to extend my knowledge about suspension, practical experience and to do the best job possible for the success of the team.

Telemetry has become a big part in Racing as well as in Simracing. Therefore I can implement all my gained knowledge into the Pure Racing Team to get the best setup performance out of the virtual racecars.

I’m really looking forward to a lot of simracing and successes, in both the joanneum racing graz team and the Pure Racing Team.The only issue left is to reconcile both things, including finishing my studies. Enjoy yourself in all you do and
Keep racing

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