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NameMaximilian Wenig
Member Since2016
iRacer Since2015
Favorite TrackZolder, Nürburgring
Favorite CarAudi R8 LMS

Maximilian Wenig

Hey! My name is Maximilian Wenig and I’m from Bavaria, Germany.
Since my father has been a real world rally driver, I’ve always loved motorsport and car-related games. It all started back in the day with Codemaster’s Colin McRae Rally, early Need For Speed games and a non force feedback Logitech wheel. After some ego-shooter years I rejoined the racing community in 2013 with Need for Speed Shift 2 and a Logitech G27. Later I found something more realistic in ISI’s rFactor and also supported Assetto Corsa’s and Project Car’s Early-Access programs.

In June 2015 I joined to find the best online experience possible and competed alone in the Ruf Cup for one season. In fall 2015 I joined where I learned and gained all my endurance experience and setup knownledge.

Finally in October 2016 I joined the Pure Racing Team focusing on the NEO Endurance Series, the 2017 Blancpain GT World Championship Series and getting the best coaching for becoming a competitive driver.

Personal News