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NameAndreas Allmannsberger
Member Since2010
iRacer Since2013
Favorite TrackRoad America
Favorite CarHPD ARX-01c

Andreas Allmannsberger

Hey guys, I am Andreas Allmannsberger, driver of the Pure Racing Team #71 car.

I´m enthusiastic about motorsports for a long time now and did a lot of racing games back in time on the PC.

About 5 years ago i started my online racing career on the Playstation 3, playing all F1 games by Codemasters until 2014. Then i thought it was time to move over and do some better and more serious racing.

I´ve tried iRacing with some of my PS3 league mates and it didn´t take that long to realize that iRacing is the Sim to go. After almost one and a half years i finally reached my goal… the black license.

Now it´s time to prove that we can compete against the best drivers of the world.

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