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McLaren MP4-12C GT3

The McLaren MP4-12C GT3 is the “dinosaur” of the GT3 class, being used since 2011. This revision of the MP4-12C stood out because of the huge flames it spit when lifting off the throttle.
Other than in rest of the GT3 class the McLaren is powered by a 3.8L V8 Twinturbo engine which generates 500hp. We use our former go-to car in the Blancpain GT Series only.

Audi R8 LMS

The newest GT3 of the bavarian mark is our prefered GT3 car at the moment. Thanks to its 5.2L V10 Engine the Audi has a truely unique sound and due to being so light at 1225 kg it flys through the corners. In the Audi we compete in the Blancpain GT Series and in the VLN Endurance Series.

Mercedes AMG GT3

The Mercedes-Benz AMG GT3 much like the Audi is a newcomer to the GT3 class. The AMG is powered by a 6.2L V8 engine that produces 550hp. Thanks to its low weight of only 1285kg the AMG has a good power/weight ratio.

Aston Martin DBR9 GT1

The Aston Martin is a more unusual car in our portfolio. Thanks to its 6.0L V12 the Aston Martin much like the Audi R8 LMS sticks out of the masses because of its high pitched V12 sound. Not only is it really powerful but also really light at a mere 1100kg. A small handicap to the GT3 cars is the missing ABS which is being equalized by the power it produces.


The BMW counts like the McLaren to the older GT3 cars. Thanks to its very good aerodynamics the BMW is very quick through fast corners which helps it at technical tracks but because of that it lacks straightline speed which hurts it at tracks that have a lot of straights.

Ruf RT12R C-Spec

The Ruf RT12R Cspec counts to the Cup cars. It is powered by a 3.6L flat6 engine. Much like the Aston Martin, the Ruf lacks ABS which is more noticable in this car due to lack of downforce compared to the Aston. 

Kia Optima

The Kia counts to the today more rare touring cars. It is powered by a 2.0L straight 4 engine which produces about 380hp. All of those 380 horses are delivered to the front axle which makes tire management very important. Thanks to this the Kia is also one of the only FWD cars in iRacing. We mostly use the Kia in the VLN Endurance Series.


The HPD ARX 01-c is a Le Mans Prototype built by Honda.It was built in an era where the theoretically faster LMP1 cars got challenged and sometimes even beat by the LMP2 prototypes. The HPD gains it strength through the 3.4L V8 engine and thanks to its low weight and highly efficient aerodynamics the HPD has the ability to go very fast through the corners. We use the HPD in the NEO Endurance Series.

Formula Renault 2.0

The Formula Renault 2.0 is a openwheeler. It is powered by a 196hp straight 4 engine. Thanks to its low weight of only 490 kg the Formula Renault even though it’s power is lacking is quite quick around a track.

Ford GT2

The Doran built Ford GT GT2 is powered by a 500hp strong V8 engine. Much like the Aston Martin and the Ruf RT12R Cspec the Ford does not have ABS onboard. At the moment the Ford is a bit of an odd one because it is not being used in any series currently.