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Learn HOW TO
Drive Setup and Win
The fastest drivers of the Pure Racing Team are going to teach you step by step how to get faster and consistent in almost every car available on! There are multiple different approaches like improving the racing line, the inputs (throttle/brakes), driving techniques, strategy or even setting up the car - and You can learn all of them starting from 20$ for a whole session!
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cascading images
cascading images

Basic Plan

Our Basic program includes a personal coaching with the main focus on improving your driving style. For these improvements we can do live coaching sessions, provide replay and Youtube files and much more. It´s up to you what you want to do with your personal coach! We will create a perfect and individual program just for you.

Advanced Plan

The advanced package contains all the different variants of improving your laptimes. In addition we will take a look on your inputs and the specific driving style for each car with having a detailed look at the telemetry. A big factor for finishing a race on the top of the podium also requires a good strategy – and we will teach you how to be more intelligent than all the other drivers around you.

Professional Plan

This is the all-inclusive program. You will get all the support from the best drivers of our team. Besides the included advanced package you will have access to our setup building session where we are going to show you how to set up the car in the best way. All our offers can be adapted individually so feel free to contact us!

The Pure Racing Team made me fast in just 3 months. Now it´s time for me to share my experience with the drivers around the world!

Maximilian Benecke - Pure Racing Team Driver