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Monthly Update – May

The “Month of May”, what a special month in iRacing’s terms, not only because of the Indy 500 but because of many other exciting events that took place this month.

161017-2524h Nürburgring
First up is the 24h classic on the Green Hell, a race we were so close to winning in 2016 and finally did so in 2017. Same as last year, we would field 2 cars in the GT3 class but no others in any of the three slower classes.
Team Blue with the #71 started their Ferrari 488 GT3 from pole position piloted by Maximilian Wenig, Maximilian Benecke and Jonas Wallmeier while the #72 of Team Yellow started from P6 with Damien Mcphee, Fabrice Cornelis, Marc Elkemann and Patrick Pichler behind the wheel.
The start went flawlessly as the #71 could drive away at the front while the #72 made its way up the field, slowly but surely. After the first hour, the #71 would still lead while the #72 was up into P3. Over the course of the next few hours, many of our competitors would struggle with traffic and the harsh nature of the track, leading to not only leading the race but also occupying 2nd place. The lead ultimately lasted until the end of the race as the #71 crossed the line in P1 with the #72 finishing in P2 with a gap of one lap to our lead car. A 1-2 finish for us this year, topping our victory from last year.


Raceunion Suzuka
The penultimate race of the Raceunion Porsche Cup Would Tour took our drivers to Suzuka on the Japanese island. This time, it would be Jonas Wallmeier, Marc Elkemann, Patrick Pichler and Niclas Laubisch without Maximilian Benecke who was unable to attend the race.

However, that shouldn’t change the outcome as Jonas Wallmeier picked up pole position in front of Team 33’s Alexander Voß with
Marc Elkemann in P3. Niclas placed his car in P8 with teammate Patrick Pichler right behind him in P9. Although, it wouldn’t last long for Laubisch as he got involved in an unfortunate incident on lap 1 and retiring the car. At the front of the field, it was a hard fight between Jonas and Alexander who were battling throughout the entire race. Ultimately, Jonas would come out ahead of Alexander to finish the race in P1, with Marc bringing home a strong 3rd place and Patrick finishing his race in P6.

161017-25GT World Championship Series Nürburgring
This time, the GT WCS took us home to the Nürburgring, a strong round for the whole team and also for our BoP weakened Audi.
It would all start in qualifying as Maximilian Benecke set a lightning fast lap time in his #72 machine to gain pole position in front of the #8 VRS Coanda Audi and the #12 SimuCUBE ineX McLaren.
Meanwhile, the #71 team also found itself in a strong 8th place with Maximilian Wenig behind the wheel, Sebastian Schmalenbach putting the #73 car in P15 and Marc Elkemann starting the #84 from P31.

161017-25At the front, the start would mostly be clean with only minor incidents, not in the midfield though as Marc Elkemann had to weave through multiple crashed cars, surviving without touching a single one. At the front of the field, however, Maximilian Benecke would start to pull out a little gap over the 2nd placed Coanda car. After the first hour, our #72 would still be leading the race with the #71 in P4 and the #73 and #84 right behind each other in P13 and P14. In the last hour, pretty much everything was still up for grabs, as the gap at the front remained relatively small and the #72 still leading. The #71 worked its way up to P3 with the #73 and #84 switching order but were still in P14 and P15.

In the end, Maximilian Benecke would cross the line in P1 and get the #72 its 2nd win of the season. The #71 would come home in a strong 3rd place, while the #84 ended its race in P10 with the #73 coming home in P13.

161017-25SCO Road America 500
An organized special event by the SCO took place at Road America. We would send two teams to participate, the #7 running the Corvette C7 Daytona Prototype driven by Fabrice Cornelis and Patrick Wolf and the #271 of Gianni Vecchio and Jonas Wallmeier running the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup.Qualifying would start and Fabrice put the #7 into a good 4th place with Gianni Vecchio securing pole position in the Porsche.

In the race, however, the #7 lost a place right at the start and would end up fighting throughout the entire first stint, until getting involved in an incident with a Porsche that would ultimately force them to pit. On the other hand, the #271 was pulling out a lead over the field and seemed uncontested for most of the race.
The later stages of the race got dramatic as Patrick Wolf got into the #7 and had to defend from a charging Thrustmaster Mivano car. Traffic not being the most predictable and often even cars blocking had both drivers on the absolute edge, with the Mivano car then gaining an advantage as Patrick got himself involved in an unfortunate incident which took our #7 out of the race. At the front of the Porsche field, however, all seemed under control as Jonas Wallmeier crosses the finish line in 1st to secure the victory.


161017-25Pure Driving School
Finally, we’re excited to announce our new Pure Driving School where people can get themselves coaching, setups and hot lap videos from our drivers in order to get them that little extra they were missing in their races! One can find weekly setups and videos for the most popular official series on the iRacing service. Check it out at