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The Pure Racing Team welcomes Maximilian Wenig and Ivo Howeller!

We are more than happy to announce that the PRT again gained two great drivers who will complete our line up for the upcoming season!

The young talent Maximilian Wenig is now part of our community and will show his pace in the NEO Endurcance Series and also in the qualifier season for next years Blancpain GT Series. With a great speed in basically every car, Max showed that he is able to deal with the pressure coming from the top teams in the world. We now want to give him the opportunity to gain more experience and knowledge for improving his driving skills. With two Max´s in the team it will be quite hard to see the difference on the track but we are still looking forward to the future with “Mäx”!

But let´s don´t forget our second newcomer who definitely has more experience in simracing than most of his competitors. With Ivo Howeller as a new driver, the Pure Racing Team wants to concentrate on finding the last tenths of a second that we need to finish ahead of the best teams in the world. With winning almost every 2nd race in the last two years, Ivo is one of the greatest iRacers of all time and it´s a pleasure for us to share a car with him.


The whole Pure Racing Team is looking forward to practice, race and win with Max and Ivo – so let´s get the series started!